Coaching Philosophy

“Pursuing Victory With Honor”


Our travel teams are coached by former and current professional players who understand the mental and physical aspects of the game and what it takes to get to the next level. We instill and promote a strong work ethic, mental strength, and a never-back-down attitude. Coaches provide a relaxed and fun environment, promoting a “team-first” motto along side personal and individual growth.

Private Instruction:

Baseball is a very technical sport, where an inch can be the difference between a home-run and a pop-fly. We begin our lessons by watching and analyzing our players, filming and breaking down the players mechanics in slow motion. After the assessment, we go straight into drills used to fix any hiccups. Finally, there is homework for the players to complete when they are not with us to help the player improve on their own time. Baseball is a mental game, and private instruction helps build confidence in players which leads to success on the field.